A los Angeles Doctor narrates his ordeal on facebook as he was been escorted out of the building.

He states ” Am been ushered out of my place of work like am an animal, like am a sick dog and my employer Jack Davies is hanging his head up there and putting me and my family on the street, unable to feed my family now, because that individual up there is just following orders. This is shameful”.

When asked to leave, he responded “No Sir, I will not” as they insisted on him leaving the building he responded “You gon’ve to get me out of here” He continues narrating his ordeal “Shameful, Utterly Shameful.”

As he walks out of the building, he continues “This is how it’s gonna go down, shameful Jack!”. In total disbelieve about what is happening to him as a physician who had worked several years .

He went further even louder stating “I just want everybody to know now, am getting ushered out now, after working seven years at this place, because I don’t have an experimental vaccine in my body, I risk my life during Covid for a year and a half at this institution in Los Angeles….”

What is your thoughts concerning the COVID MANDATE, Do you think it’s fair to get fired from your work place for not getting vaccinated.

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