META CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled a demonstration video for the “metaverse,”; This company would innovate the Work Space at home concept in so much that it will become the new norm for the society with a lot more human connections at the fore front; finally teleportation becomes a reality as Meta’s Concept changes it all for everyone.

The metaverse — which is based on the concept of using Facebook’s Oculus headset to engage in day-to-day activities, eliminating the need to leave home in the future — would be about “connecting with people,”.

“Imagine if you put on your glasses or headset, and you’re instantly in your home space,” Zuckerberg said as he stood in a virtual setting with a tropical background. “It has an incredibly inspiring view of what you find most beautiful.”

We believe that META would be a time changing innovation for all time. This is what technological innovation is all about and Zuckerberg is at work again.

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