Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt has definitely proven his Pro-Life Agenda to everyone and the world at large by sparing the life of a high-profile death row inmate Julius Jones.

It is rare for an Oklahoma governor to grant clemency, but Kevin Stitt has inscribed his name in history as one among those few who had walked passed everything to see the Sacredness of the human life.

“After prayerful consideration and reviewing materials presented by all sides of this case, I have determined to commute Julius Jones’ sentence to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole,” Stitt said in a statement.

Following a recommendation from the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board, Governor Kevin Stitt granted clemency to Jones, reducing the inmate’s sentence to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

This is not political, this is all about saving life. We think Governor Stitt has gone pass emotional, political or racial agenda to showing his leadership qualities. As a condition for clemency, the Governor ordered that Jones will never be eligible to apply for or be considered for a commutation, pardon, or parole for the rest of his life.

Even though Stitt’s decision veers slightly from the Pardon and Parole Board’s recommendation to reduce Jones’ sentence to life in prison with the possibility of parole. He also granted Julius Jones a chance to live.

Jones was set to be executed for the 1999 fatal shooting of Edmond insurance executive Paul Howell during a carjacking. Jurors chose the death penalty as punishment at a 2002 trial.

We hope in the near future that “Death Penalty” would be phased out of Oklahoma.

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