The rampant stories of assault on Police Officers across this great nation is alarming. Every person in uniform can attest to this fact but the recent pandemic uproar is now posing more threat to our Police force than anything before.

Chicago Police Department has seen five officers dead related to covid complications. Mr. Jose Huerta, a 50-year-old from the Southwest Side, died of pneumonia from a COVID-19 infection. Huerta who had recently be recognized by the department for his relentless effort in the capture of a homicide offender; This is indeed a big loss to the city of Chicago and the Police Department.

Four other Police Officer had died from Covid previously and now the number is increasing; as much as the safety of our society is concern, the safety of these brave men in uniform is also a concern. Covid has now become a threat to the safety of our communities.

As Chicago braces up for a Vaccine mandate, you can still sense an atmosphere of resistance from a few against it. This is no longer a question of whether wearing a mask is an act of convenience or a standard precaution to public safety. It’s becoming an issue of concern. If five officers were dead because of covid related complications, the issue of wearing mask is no more a game of chess or personal opinions, it has become a threat to the safety of City Employees and most of all the safety of our Police Officers cannot be jeopardized.

The Chicago Fraternal Order of Police posted on Facebook that Huerta died of COVID-19.


A standard protocol should be implemented that encourages men in uniform to become vaccinated.

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