Davyon Johnson a brilliant and outstanding 11 years old, who changed the course of events that could have led to catastrophic death for a student from choking and a woman from a house fire. He displayed heroic acts on Dec. 9 that got him an award of Honorary Officer with the Muskogee County Sheriff Office in Oklahoma.

He must have been raised from a fine family with a strong home training that prepared him with confidence and skills to save a choking classmate and the same day escorted an elderly woman from a burning home. What a beautiful display of empathy, courage and grand intelligence.

The Muskogee Public Schools Board of Education recognized sixth-grader Davyon Johnson during the board meeting Tuesday night. Davyon performed the Heimlich maneuver on a classmate on December 9 and that evening helped a woman from her house that was on fire.

Muskogee Police Department and Muskogee County Sheriff’s Office presented Johnson with a certificate denoting him as an honor member of their force.

Muskogee Mayor Marlon J. Coleman declared Dec. 10th as “Davyon Johnson Day” in the city.

He has truly become a notable person in Oklahoma. We all celebrate Davyon Johnson.

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