Elizabeth Holmes one among the fastest rising self-made billionaire in recent times has taken a deep fall into a total chaos. The former CEO and founder of failed blood testing startup Theranos, has been found guilty on four counts of defrauding investors and faces up to 20 years in prison.

Holmes was accompanied by her mother, Father and her partner Billy Evans as they departed the Court house. Reporters swamp up the entire place, storming her with various questions concerning the new charges on fraud but she was uncomplacent towards them and would not respond at all.

This Silicon Valley’s Icon case birthed a new era of suspicion among investors who celebrate Silicon Valley and those who uses it’s products.

Margaret O’Mara a Professor at the University of Washington states:

“This is a verdict that should matter not just to Silicon Valley but to the people who celebrate it, invest in it and use its products,”

Jurors who spend countless hours working on this case were faced with a dilemma on deciding whether Holmes made a mistake as a well-meaning Founder of a new Startup trying to help humanity with a new innovation in testing or if she was intentionally defrauding her investors based on a web of lies and deceit.

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