A Mob of defiant patriots or a much better word for them should be “Horde of Tyrants” with the intent on stopping the certification of loss for Trump in the 2020 election. These men have turned the love for country into the hate for democracy and a lack of common sense, while many had fought so hard for so many years for democracy in this great nation, we are still at war today, a war at home, a war against home grown tyrants and anti-democratic far right wingers within our midst.

What the justice system has found to be a riot, GOP lawmakers, conservative media and right-wing activists still portrays as a legitimate protest that just got out of hand. The real question should be “how legitimate could breaking into the Capitol be for anyone?”. The idea that led to this riot still looms around the capitol and within her walls today.

Elizabeth Neumann says:

“Within a week of Jan. 6, there was a recognition that how we address what happened had to be done very carefully because it can have unintended consequences of causing additional radicalization,”

 So far at least 150 of the over 720 people charged with federal crimes related to the riot have pleaded guilty and more investigation is at the brink of getting more of them behind bars. Some in the mob belonged to extremist groups like the Oath Keepers and extreme White Supremist groups that have turned into a domestic terrorist organization threating the very core of democracy in our great nation today.

The FBI is still asking the public to help identify at least 350 people “believed to have committed violent acts” at the Capitol. This great nation has undergone a lot in recent times from Covid to a mob of anarchists descending on the Capitol. The number of Republicans who said they thought it was “very important” to prosecute- those who broke into the Capitol dropped from 50% in March 2021 to 27% in September-, according- to a Pew Research poll.

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