Covid Pandemic has truly thrown Quebec into a case study for ages to come; It’s gone so bad that the unprecedented strain on its health care system due to the highly transmissible Omicron variant is causing them to propose taxing the unvaccinated and maybe that might mount enough pressure to push the unvaccinated into getting the Big Jab soon enough.

Some Legal experts are saying the province has a constitutional authority to impose direct taxes on the unvaccinated in order to pay for health care services, and that it makes sense from a fairness perspective to force those who pose the most burden on the health care system to pay more for it.

The onslaught of Omicron has caused more strain on hospitals than at any other point during the pandemic; but the issue of punishing the unvaccinated with taxes seems too far out of the norm; while many supported the idea of giving incentives to those vaccinated, the punishment of the unvaccinated can be a very uncanny way to increase the number of the vaccinated but what would the effect be on the entire system in the long run.

While taxing the unvaccinated might be a strange phenomenon in Canada, similar measures have been introduced by other countries. In Austria for example: vaccine holdouts over the age of 13 will have to pay up to 3,600 euros in fines every three months starting from December 2021. While this month in Greece, residents aged 60 and over who refuse the vaccine will be fined 100 euros monthly. And in Italy, residents 50 and older are now required to be vaccinated or could face fines of up to 1,600 euros.

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