Nigeria faces a new plague, the rise of ritual killing. In recent times, there has been multiple cases of human remains found in dumpsters, rivers, abandoned buildings and even under bridges left with missing body parts. This crime stems from the unethical believe of getting rich through human rituals.

Some teenage boys were caught burning the head of a girl, said to be in a relationship with one of them, for alleged money rituals. A source, who confirmed that the slain girl, identified as Rofiat, was a resident of Abeokuta, Nigeria; she was a girlfriend to one Soliu, who is now in police custody.

Mustakeem Balogun, who is 20 years old explained that Soliu had strangulated the lady, while he assisted in cutting off the head by using a machete. He confirmed that the girl’s head was meant to be used for money ritual. Balogun said, “We wanted to use her head alone for money rituals. Soliu strangled her and he told me to assist him in cutting off the head.”

Abimbola Oyeyemi a Police Public Relations Officer, confirmed the incident, stating “the boys were in custody”. He went further to say, “On interrogation, the arrested suspects confessed that what they were burning in the local pot is the head of the girlfriend of their escaped accomplice.”

They confessed further that the girl who was simply identified as Rofiat was lured by her boyfriend simply identified as Soliu to where she was murdered by four of them, after which they cut off her head and packed the remains in a sack, then dumped it in an old building.

This subsequently led policemen to the building, where the dismembered body was recovered and transported to a local Hospital morgue for autopsy. The short machete and the knife used in perpetuating this heinous crime was also recovered.

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