Gov. Kevin Stitt is all out to place Oklahoma among the top 10 States in the Union. During his address at opening of the 58th Oklahoma legislature; Gov. Stitt made historical statements showing his support for education, cutting taxes, creating a thriving environment for Businesses to succeed and upholding the law for all Oklahomans.

in His words during the Speech, Gov Stitt states:

To reach our destination, we need a map to stay on course, our road map to top ten has four check points, Number 1: Driving Hope for all Oklahomans; Number 2: Protecting Oklahomans in our way of life; Number 3: Making Oklahoma the most pro-business friendly state in the entire country; Number 4: Delivering Taxpayers more for their money.”

Indeed, Oklahoma have had its struggles in the past, but Gov. Stitt is on the path of creating a path of success and continues growth for all in Oklahoma.

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