Russia’s Plan on Ukrainian Invasion continues to unfold daily, from building up the presence of its army on the Ukrainian borders causing tension and fear across globe; The invasion of Ukraine is not just another war to be seen but could lead to a much bigger issue across the globe. This is a dangerous moment in the 21st century, to see a nation as Russia exercising enormous tout against its neighboring nations without regard for their national sovereignty.

If Russia is left to achieve its ambiguous plan against Ukraine, then it will embolden the ideology of communism, thereby threatening the decency of democracy across the globe. A world where China could do the same to Thailand, North Korea to South Korea and much more, then the entire globe could be wrapped up into a 3rd world war like situation, where NATO and the UN is all out fighting to protect the sovereignty of Ukraine, Thailand and many other nations that could fall victim of these kind of unruly attitude of former communist nations again in the 21st century.

French President Macron takes on the role of a middleman and holding talks in Moscow with Russian President Putin, hoping it might mitigate the tensions over Ukrainian Invasion. The French leader expressed guarded optimism ahead of Monday’s discussions. “I’m reasonably optimistic but I don’t believe in spontaneous miracles,” he told reporters shortly after landing in the Russian capital.

The economic relationship between Germany and Russia is a total epiphany of love and hate. Germany might never back down on Its Russian Pipelines deal. If it looks like Berlin is colluding with Moscow, that’s because it is. Yet to say that Germany is an Allie of the United States at the same time, creates a total confusion.

We all know what the gas pipelines meant for Berlin’s economy and the Kremlin’s too. Who can really tell what side Germany could be on, concerning the Ukrainian Invasion? In the midst of escalating conflicts with Russia, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky canceled a conference with Germany’s foreign minister, who was in Kyiv for a formal meeting. Could it be that Ukrainian President Zelensky had doubts concerning the authenticity of Germany?

Another danger that lies in the dark to us all, there might be more nations on the edge just like Germany that might turn northwards to become allies with Russia. What about China’s lone mountain of military force and the recent upgrade of their Airforce. If Russia should build alliance with China; then the World is truly on the verge of another Global Crisis.

Follow Us closely as we dig deeper into the Kremlins and Germany’s Upheaval towards the Ukrainian Invasion.

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