Space X has achieved incredible giant strides in space exploration, and more so is Starlink’s expansion of internet access to the most needed places across the globe. Elon Musk’s ability to take an idea from ground zero to a global stage cannot be underestimated.

The Russian Invasion is becoming a digital issue, and the Elon musk has joined the race against the Kremlins by lending a helping hand to Ukraine with internet access during this moment of terror and confusion in Kyiv.

Ukraine’s internet service has been interrupted, as internet connectivity drops 20% of the normal rate. Russia is out to overtake all of Ukraine and is attacking them digitally also, disrupting their internet connectivity, hacking some very essential data of Ukrainian economy, unleashing massive cyber-attacks on the Ukrainian government.

Recently Mykhailo Fedorov the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine and Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine tweeted Elon Musk:

The Tech Genius responded hours later to him stating: Starlink service is now active in Ukraine. More terminals en route.

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