Protests erupted in Russia with thousands taking to the streets in support of Ukraine, all across Moscow, thousands more are forming coalitions against the action of Putin on Ukraine. More than 3,000 people had been arrested in protests related to the invasion, including 467 who were detained in 34 cities. Nevertheless, the resistance is gaining more grounds across Russia, as more and more people are beginning to realize how inhumane Putin’s action is becoming towards Ukraine.

Currently, the President in Russia appoints the prime minister, and the Duma approves the decision. Mr. Putin suggested an increased role for an advisory body called the State Council. The council, which is currently chaired by Mr. Putin, comprises the heads of Russia’s federal regions. Mr. Putin said it had proved to be “highly effective”, But we think that was just a diversion to the people of Russia to pacify them and give them a feeling of democracy and a sense of ownership to the government’s decisions.

The Kremlin Chief is working hard to keep his Position and influence perpetual in Russia, by selecting his prime minister and also amending the rules that limit presidents to two consecutive terms, and also limiting the influence of foreign government by Limiting the supremacy of international law and Strengthening laws that prohibit presidential candidates who have held foreign citizenship or foreign residency permits. While Putin is building a strong fortress around his extended stay in power, some of Russian Senior Officials are getting tired of his dictator’s attitudes and tyranny towards other potential aspirants for the position of President in the near future.

These unstable support of Putin within the corridors of Power in Russia is growing stronger each day. Under the current rules in Russia, Mr. Putin must step down as president in 2024 and it’s not clear what he’d do next but the recent attack on Ukraine might just be a plan bigger than we envisaged. Mr. Putin might be building something under scenes to divert his opposition in Russia while he enacts new laws to extend his stay past 2024 as President in Russia.

Earlier this year, the Russian government had resigned, after Putin proposed new constitutional changes that would extend his stay in power; and these same fellows are not done with Putin yet; they are getting tired of him but the only person who hasn’t seen that his backing force is dwindling, is the Kremlin Chief himself.

Putin might be setting himself up, for failure. The invasion of Ukraine might just be the one key, the Russian Oligarchy wanted as an opportunity to boot Putin out of power for good.

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