Chinese State-owned Pacific Networks loses its license to operate, as a result of impending resolve of Chinese support to the Kremlins. China Telecom and China Unicom’s permits were previously revoked.

“These companies were owned and controlled by the Chinese government and raises a significant national security and law enforcement risk.” said in a statement by the FCC.

This recent action of canceling Pacific Networks license is creating tension across the board, while Putin extends his hands to Xi Jinping in an unwavering desire and commitment for economic partnerships and growth. During high-profile talks in Beijing last month, Xi and Putin sealed their affiliation, declaring in a lengthy statement their relationship was limitless.

 Xi Jinping told Biden that both the US and China have a responsibility for ensuring peace, according to state media, an oblique suggestion he is uninterested in escalating the conflict.

Now, the big question becomes “Where does China stand?” is Xi Jinping standing with Russia or the US government. The stakes are high on both sides and China is left on the crossroads to make historical decision, would supporting democracy be the road ahead or walking the left side of tyranny and authoritarian form of government.

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