Christopher Cox, 53 is now the first landlord to be convicted for “sex-for-rent” offences in England. He pleaded guilty to a charge for controlling prostitution for gain and two counts of inciting prostitution for gain.

Cox would post Ads on Craigslist aiming to get women who would rent from him in Cranleigh.

One among his ads on Craigslist reads: “If you are a young girl 16-plus who is stuck at home and wants to get away or maybe you are homeless seeking a safe route out, I have a room available in my home for a young girl.”

According to Guilford Crown Court, he targeted homeless females “unwell and desperate” and “vulnerable young women” who were in dear need of a place to stay.

When they are unable to pay for rent, he would request sexual Favours in exchange or more, he would ask them to cook, clean and do laundry for him.

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