Idris Dayo Mustapha, a U.K. citizen who was born in Nigeria, popularly known as an Afrobeat singer in London has been charged in the US with money laundering and cybercrimes. He is accused of allegedly breaking into unwitting victims’ brokerage accounts and using their money to buy stocks and manipulating prices for personal gains.

He was also accused of a wide variety of swindles dating back to 2011 when he was as young as 15, including romance scams, phishing schemes and complex stock frauds.

“The defendant was part of a nefarious group that caused millions of dollars in losses to victims by engaging in a litany of cybercrimes, including widespread hacking, fraud, taking control of victims’ securities brokerage accounts, and trading in the name of the victims,” said Breon Peace, the U.S. attorney for the eastern district of New York.

Mustapha was arrested in London in August 2021 and is facing extradition to New York to face charges that were unsealed on Tuesday in federal court in Brooklyn.

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