Ladonna Paris 70, a graduate school student at Phillips Theological Seminary, alleges she was attacked and arrested while having a mental breakdown.

Ladonna, 70yrs Old Black woman states that a White Officer Ronni Carrocci laughed and threatened her with a stun gun before Officers broke into her bathroom, brutally attacking and arresting her.

“I was mocked, taunted and brutalized,” Paris said during a Tuesday news conference. “It was like watching somebody else and I would say to myself when they were doing these things, ‘Oh poor Ladonna,’” Paris said.

She has filed a lawsuit against Tulsa Police Officers, The City and The Mayor for brutally attacking and arresting her while she was having a mental breakdown.

“In the midst of a bipolar manic episode, which included paranoia and delusions, Ms. Paris was afraid the officers were going to kill her, so she locked herself in the bathroom and would not come out,” the lawsuit states.

Officer Ronni Carrocci, is seen on police video banging on the door to the bathroom where Paris was inside, according to attorney Damario Solomon-Simmons.

“You want to get tased … I love my job,” Carroci said as she turns toward the camera…

The legal action seeks more than $75,000 in actual damages and unspecified compensation for punitive damages and legal fees.


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