The United Nations Right Council has just passed a resolution to launch an investigation into the allegations of human rights abuse by Russian troops in Ukraine. The UN human right chief says that Russian forces may be charge with war crimes for the countless evidence found on ground in Ukraine.

As Ukrainian Officials warn of “medieval” conditions in Mariupol as Moscow continues its push for complete control of the southeastern port of the city. Ukrainian Prosecutor said that Russian soldiers will stand trial for alleged war crimes in Ukraine.

While Pro-Moscow Authorities are pushing for Putin to incorporate southern region of Kherson into Russian Territory by the end of this year.

Some folks are going crazy against the recent decision by the United Nation against Russia; even after seeing the inhumane conditions in Ukraine, there are folks who still thinks that’s not enough for a human right abuse charge on Russia. We found a couple of those dark, ruthless minded responses on Twitter: Example below:

David Kersten tweeted ” The United Nations Council needs to take a break. After decades of mind-numbing atrocities, they can’t tell a human right abuse from a holiday resort.

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