Kim Jong-un is totally on fire as North Korea experiences an unprecedented amount of covid infections; with a population of over 25 million living with a poor healthcare system, this creates a breeding ground for more covid infections and leaving the people vulnerable due to lack of a vaccination program.

Kim fears that a continues trend of increased Covid Infections might lead to dire consequences on North Korea’s economy. The State Media had reported earlier on Saturday that half a million cases of unexplained fever outbreak could be linked to possible Covid Infections.

North Korea had previously rejected the help offered from the International Community to supply Covid vaccines last year; It proposed a plan of controlling Covid by shutting its borders from the rest of the world, that’s now obvious, the plan failed.

Kim called for an emergency meeting on Saturday, in His words:

“The spread of the malignant epidemic is the greatest turmoil to fall on our country since the founding,” Kim said.

During the meeting, Kim blamed the crisis on medical incompetence lack of adherence to stipulated laws on ground to curb Covid. He went further to order “Maximum Emergency” which is likely to include lockdowns and restrictions on public gathering.

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