Starmer has continually mounted pressure on Boris Johnson but this time around, he really turned up the heat to 100% above everyone’s expectation. Recently the Labour Leader said Johnson does not get it. He does not understand what people are going through. Every day, energy companies rake in £32m in unexpected profits. then he continues by expressing his sadness on the delays Johnson has shown towards taking a credible action to bring about change.

“Whilst he dithers British households are slapped with an extra 53 million on their energy bills every single day. Meanwhile every single day North Sea oil and gas giants rake in 32 million in unexpected profits. Doesn’t he see that every single day he delays his inevitable U-turn, he’s going to do it, he’s choosing to let people struggle when they don’t need to.” Starmer said.

Johnson says the government is already spending £22bn on helping people. It can do this because it took the tough decisions to get people out of lockdown. And taxes are being cut in July, he says.

He says he will look at all measures to support people.

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