The War in Ukraine is getting more heated, and tension arises across Russia, after President Biden declared the United States would-be supplying Ukraine with more advanced rockets; Biden went further to say that the more advanced medium-range High Mobility Advanced Rocket System (HIMARS) would help Ukraine defend itself. President Vladimir Putin ordered his forces to begin nuclear drills, just hours after US President Joe Biden announced the US was sending longer-range rockets to Ukraine.

Previously Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has accused the West of “pumping up the Ukrainian nationalists with weapons” and said that any cargo of arms bound for Ukraine would become a legitimate target for Moscow.

The ministry has said that Nato countries are “playing with fire” by sending weapons to Ukraine. The Kremlin also said it had now completed testing of its hypersonic Zircon cruise missile, that’s capable of targeting 625 miles away in the White Sea. A senior military official told the Russian news agency TASS.

In contrary to what the Kremlins are bragging about, the US government had sent M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS), which is believed to be more accurate with precision targeting than the Russian equivalents to aid the Ukrainian forces in defending their homeland.

 The US Government expects Ukraine to deploy the weapons in the eastern Donbas region, where the fighting is most intense, and where they can be used to strike Russian artillery units and forces targeting Ukrainian towns.

Recently, Putin is becoming more and more unpredictable as ever before; the chances of this war escalating into a nuclear catastrophe has 75% chance of happening sooner than anticipated. Putin and his cabinet are turning the curtains down against everything humane about Ukraine; they are becoming more agitative even during their inner circle meetings.

The Kremlin Chief is known for his calm yet underlying brawl tone with a no abandoned authoritative mode of communication towards his Generals but recently Putin displays an appearance of one who is distressed and unpleased with the way this war is going, and he would stop at nothing to prove to the world that he is going to win at all costs, even if it means using nuclear weapons.

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