Putin has reportedly amended a decree to change the citizenship of Ukrainian minors to Russian without parental care – a move in line with accounts of forced deportation of children by Vladimir Putin’s forces. This truly a sick move to encourage child abduction amidst the raging war. Zelensky says dozens of thousands of Ukrainian children have already been forcibly taken to Russia; they include children from orphanages, children taken without their parental consent and separate from their family, taken into Russian territory and turned into Russian citizens.

The Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs last month warns that children in the war-torn nation who were being deported to Russian families faced a threat of “illegal adoption”. In the wake of the new decree, the ministry said it views it as a means to ease “the admission of Ukrainian orphans or those left without parental care to Russian citizenship as an attempt by the Kremlin to legalize the illegal movement of Ukrainian children”.

The Kremlin Chief might have altered sense of reality. He’s probably self-convinced that granting citizenship to abducted Ukranian children into Russia is a form of appeasable response to help the most vulnerable of Ukrainian population. We all know, that is the worst move of all that Putin has taken during this war. Abducting kids against the consent of their parent has officially classified Putin worthy of War Crimes.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says 200,000 children are among the Ukrainians who have been forcefully taken to Russia and dispersed across the vast country.

According to Petro Andriushchenko, an advisor to the Mariupol Mayor; The Kremlin Chief has established “filtration camps” near its border with Estonia to prevent Ukrainians who had been forcibly deported to Russia from escaping back to neighboring countries.

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