The most senior female figure in the Royal Navy has called for more diversity within the service to improve operational effectiveness.

Rear Admiral Jude Terry was speaking at the second-ever annual conference of the Defence Women’s Network, where she joined 1,100 others in person, and another 1,000 online, in an event aimed at improving representation at the top of defence.

She was joined at the event by some of the most senior figures in defense where she called for people to have more visible female role models.

Rear Admiral Jude Terry said: “I’ve been in the Navy 26 years, the Navy’s first female admiral in 500 years. We need to get quicker.

“I’ve met lots of young sailors who say that they need to see you to be you, and that’s a huge thing, and that means we’re doing better in terms of recruiting, we’re reflecting our society.

“But it also means that if we think differently, act differently, if we create an inclusive environment, we’re likely to deliver a better operation output, and that is ultimately what our job is.”

Leadership and Self-Empowerment was the theme of the event which welcomed female figures to share their ideas on how to enhance their skills in leadership.

The DWN was created in 2020, and it has worked to ensure voices can be heard and valued in defence.

The network exists to encourage discussion and exploration of gender and equality issues. It is open to women and men alike and aims to break down barriers and end discrimination in the workplace. – Forces Network

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