Film producer Alexander Rodnyansky and theatre director Ivan Vyrypaev face arrest orders from a Moscow court for “spreading false information” about the Russian army.

The court did not report the initial hearings against them, which were held on April 27, until Wednesday.

The court’s press service said that Rodnyansky and Vyrypaev, who are not in Russia, will be put in custody if Russian authorities catch them or extradite them.

The Interior Ministry also added Vyrypaev to the federal wanted list. Rodnyansky, who was born in Kyiv, is one of the most influential figures in Russian cinema.

He left Russia after it invaded Ukraine in February 2022 and has often spoken against the war. In October 2022, he was labeled a “foreign agent” by Russia’s Justice Ministry.

Vyrypaev, a popular playwright, director and actor, has lived and worked in Warsaw for several years and has also opposed the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

On Wednesday, a Moscow court also gave opposition figure and anti-war activist Mikhail Krieger a seven-year jail term.

Krieger faced charges of justifying terrorism and inciting hatred with the threat of violence for social media posts from 2020.

In the posts, he praised the attackers of Federal Security Service buildings and talked about hanging Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Prosecutors asked for a nine-year sentence on Tuesday. Before he was sentenced, Krieger said in court that he was prosecuted for his “anti-war and now openly pro-Ukrainian position”.

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