Moroccan entrepreneurs have unveiled a hydrogen vehicle prototype made in Morocco.

The projects are a significant milestone for the country and will strengthen the “Made In Morocco” label according to King Mohammed the VI

During the presentation, the King examined the model from the “Neo Motors” car, a company owned by Moroccan capital, as well as the prototype of the hydrogen vehicle created by NamX, called the Hydrogen Utility Vehicle (HUV). 

Manufacturers say the HUV model will be equipped with a central hydrogen tank, complemented by six removable capsules to deliver a high driving range and facilitate quick hydrogen refueling in a few minutes.

On the sidelines of the ceremony, King Mohammed VI honored Nassim Belkhayat and Faouzi Annajah  with the Wissam Al Kafaa Al Fikria Award. Annajah is a Morocco-French businessman who co-created the world’s first car partially powered by a patented removable hydrogen tank system.

NamX’s patented technology consists of a fixed hydrogen tank and six removable capsules.  Set to be released in 2025, NamX responds to the rising demand for hydrogen and hybrid cars amid an increasingly prevailing shift towards clean energy sources and decarbonization worldwide.

SOURCE: Africa News

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