A bill that many are calling a spy bill, a power grab and a political tool was defeated in the Oklahoma House.

The bill that would give DPS more power was turned down, but that doesn’t mean it’s gone for good.

It’s rare that Democrats and Republicans agree on something in the Capitol.

But, a bill that faced a Democrat-led opposition over information collection, didn’t get much support from many Republicans either.

“This is the worst bill I’ve ever seen,” Rep. Jason Lowe, (D)-OKC said.”

Rep. JJ Humphrey claims his bill will stop school shootings

“Always after the event you hear everybody talking about the police should have known this, he posted this, he posted that, this was all out there for the public to know and the police did nothing,” Rep. Humphrey said.

His aim was to enhance information sharing between different agencies, but Democrats are angry that the surveillance and investigation power would go to DPS, whose commissioner is appointed by the Governor.

Representative Humphrey dismissed the claims, saying this is not a power grab by the Governor, and explaining the kind of information collected; But the Bill failed with 63-30 votes.

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