According to a report on Wednesday, Deutsche Bank will pay $75 million to resolve a lawsuit that accused the German bank of profiting from supporting Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking operation.

The settlement involves an anonymous plaintiff who initiated a potential class-action lawsuit in November 2022, claiming Deutsche Bank worked with Epstein while aware he used money in the account to fund sex-trafficking activity, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.

The Journal, quoting sources close to the issue, said Deutsche Bank did not concede fault.

A Deutsche Bank representative refused to comment.

Deutsche Bank gained financially by backing Epstein’s “sex trafficking organization to successfully sexually abuse, assault and forcibly sex traffic Plaintiff Jane Doe 1 and the many other members of the Class,” the original complaint said, which was lodged in US court in New York.

Epstein, a US financier who committed suicide in 2019 while on trial for sex offences, started banking with Deutsche Bank in 2013 after JPMorgan Chase shut his accounts, the Journal said.

A woman who was not named – presumably the same as in the Deutsche case – and the US Virgin Islands filed separate lawsuits against JPMorgan late last year, alleging the bank enabled Epstein’s crimes by disregarding alerts and keeping him as a customer until 2013.

Court documents show that subpoenas in those cases have aimed at several prominent people whom Epstein may have introduced to JPMorgan as clients, such as Elon Musk and Google co-founder Larry Page.

The bank has rejected the claims, and has sued a former executive for his links to Epstein.

In July 2020, the New York Department of Financial Services accused Deutsche Bank of failing to comply with regulations in its dealings with Epstein. The bank settled the case by paying $150 million.

Deutsche Bank admitted that it made a mistake by accepting Epstein as a client in 2013 and that it had flaws in its procedures. The bank said it had learned from its errors and weaknesses.

Epstein had a criminal record for paying young girls for sexual services in Florida in 2008, but he only spent 13 months in prison due to a secret agreement.

He faced new charges of sex trafficking of minors, but he took his own life in a New York prison in August 2019.

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