Court papers claim that Stephen Matthews, a 35-year-old cardiologist from Denver, drugged and sexually assaulted several women he met on the dating apps Hinge and Tinder.

Matthews was first arrested on March 22 after one victim reported her horrifying experience.

After the news spread, nine more women came forward with similar accusations.

On Monday, Matthews faced new charges as he was arrested again outside the Denver District Courthouse, where he had appeared for the first case.

The affidavit says that Matthews invited women to his apartment from October 2019 to February 2023, asked them to play Jenga, and gave them a drink laced with drugs.

The affidavit states that Matthews met the first victim on Hinge, who reported him to the police.

They chatted on the app for several weeks before meeting for breakfast and going to his expensive condo in the trendy Lower Highland area on Jan. 29. There, they played Jenga and got into his hot tub.

She told the police that she lost her memory after he gave her a drink and woke up at her own home with paramedics around her.

She also noticed that she had marks on her neck but did not remember having sex with him.

Matthews claimed to the police that they had sex with consent and that she threw up several times before leaving in an Uber.

Matthews allegedly drugged and sexually assaulted women he met on dating apps. He also took photos and videos of them without their consent. The women reported feeling sick, blurry and blacked out after drinking with him.

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