Channel 12 reported that Netanyahu’s Likud party would gain three more seats if the elections took place this Sunday to reach 27 seats. This would make it equal with the opposition National Unity party led by former defense minister Benny Gantz, which has been ahead in the latest polls in recent weeks.

Netanyahu’s religious and right-wing bloc also increased slightly from previous polls, to 52 seats. However, it is still a big drop from the 64 seats the coalition has now in the 120-seat Israeli parliament.

Regarding the possible race for the prime minister’s role, after trailing behind Gantz earlier this month (41 percent versus Netanyahu’s 31 percent on May 7), Netanyahu is staging a remarkable comeback, now beating Gantz, 38 percent to 37 percent. Kan’s poll also gives Likud 28 seats versus National Unity’s 26, and Netanyahu’s bloc 55 seats.

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