The Jeddah Declaration – the final statement – addresses more than 32 issues that concern the Arab world, starting with the Palestinian issue, the Syrian situation and Lebanon’s political impasse. It also covers Iran, the environment, cybersecurity and economic and social issues.

It also rejects armed groups in the region completely, and emphasizes the need for a united Arab stance on regional and international matters.

The declaration confirmed the importance of the Palestinian issue to Arab countries and the Arab identity of occupied East Jerusalem as Palestine’s capital. It supported Palestine’s right to full sovereignty over all territories occupied in 1967, including East Jerusalem. It also highlighted the need for implementing the Arab Peace Initiative.

It also called on Lebanese authorities to quickly elect a president, form a government and carry out economic reforms to resolve the country’s severe crises.

As Syria rejoins the Arab community, the declaration promised to maintain Syria’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and stability. It urged for increasing efforts to assist Syria in its crisis and end the Syrian people’s suffering.

The Arab leaders showed full solidarity with safeguarding sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity in Sudan, Libya and Yemen which are facing crises.

The statement reiterated continued support for Yemen’s legitimate government led by the Presidential Leadership Council headed by Rashad Al-Alimi, and endorsed enhancing its role.

It also pledged support for Somalia’s comprehensive fight against terrorism, especially Al-Shabaab.

It affirmed the UAE’s total sovereignty over the Greater Tunb, Lesser Tunb, and Abu Musa islands, which Iran took in 1971.

The declaration applauded the deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran reached in Beijing to restore diplomatic relations, reopen missions, and activate security and economic cooperation.

Finally the statement denounced Turkey’s invasion of Iraqi land and demanded Turkey to pull out its troops without any conditions

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