A group of young bicyclists brutally attacked a man driving a pickup truck in Los Angeles last week. The terrible incident happened in the busy jewelry district of Los Angeles in the middle of the day, where a group of young bicyclists assaulted a man driving a pickup truck.

A video of the incident shows the mob of cyclists knocking the victim to the ground near the corner of Hill and 6th Street on Thursday, May 18, when he stepped out of his pickup truck.

The attackers, about 10 young males on bikes from 15 to 18 years old, then mercilessly kicked and stomped the helpless man on the ground, who tried to protect his head from the attack. Bystanders intervened to help the man by stopping the assault.

The dispute started when the bicyclists claimed that the man hit one of their bikes. A verbal altercation quickly turned into a vicious physical attack on the pickup driver.

A witness who talked to KTLA 5 said that it started when the driver allegedly hit one of the bikes. He also said that “that’s when they chased him down, banging on his windows, banging on his truck, and then he pulled over and got out, and he got beaten. It was terrible.”

As the situation worsened, a group of local jewellers ran to the scene and pleaded with the boys to stop their assault. To frighten the cyclists and end the violence, a bystander quickly removed his belt and used it as a weapon.

A state of fear Law enforcement authorities were notified about the incident after 4 pm. When the officers reached the scene, the attackers and the victim had already gone.

Another worker at a nearby jewellery store, Roman Kim, told ABC 7 that the cyclists were riding through the busy streets with a sense of arrogance. “There are six guys on their bikes, just swerving in and out.”

The shocking attack has left everyone scared and worried about the rising problem of road rage and violence on the streets of Los Angeles.

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