A live Twitter event with Elon Musk will feature Ron DeSantis, the Republican Florida Governor and top GOP challenger to Donald Trump, as he reveals his 2024 presidential run on Wednesday (May 24), according to a source who spoke to AFP.

Musk, the Twitter CEO, talked about the forthcoming interview with DeSantis via video link. He said, “Ron DeSantis will be our guest, and he has a big announcement to share. This is the first time that something like this is happening on social media with unscripted and real-time Q&A. It will be live and spontaneous. Let’s see what happens.”

“I’m not at this time going to endorse any particular candidate, but I am interested in X/Twitter being somewhat of a public town square,” Musk added. 

“And I do think it’s important that Twitter have both the reality and the perception of a level playing field of a place where all voices are heard and where there’s the kind of dynamic interaction that you don’t really see anywhere else,” he added. 

“My preference and I think the preference of most Americans is really to have someone fairly normal in office. But I think we’d all be quite, quite happy with that, actually. You know, I think someone that is representative of the moderate views that I think most country holds, in reality,” he further noted. 

The news was first reported by NBC News and the report mentioned that the announcement is apparently scheduled to take place at 6:00pm ET on Twitter Spaces. 

The event is said to be moderated by tech entrepreneur David Sacks and the report mentioned that the users of the micro-blogging site can participate in audio conversations. 

The campaign will release a launch video that evening, and DeSantis will begin touring several early states after Memorial Day. 

It’s unclear whether Musk would publicly endorse DeSantis on Wednesday, NBC News reported citing another source that his presence is seen as a clear indicator of support for DeSantis among staff. 

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