Some staunch conservatives have reportedly begun to consider ousting McCarthy from the speaker role, after he struck a deal with President Biden to raise the US debt ceiling.

According to NBC News, Colorado representative Ken Buck suggested using the motion vacate on a recent Freedom Caucus call. This is a rule that allows any congress member to trigger a vote to remove the house speaker. Two sources who knew about the matter told NBC this anonymously.

The Freedom Caucus is a selective group in the US House of Representatives. Its members are among the most conservative House Republicans. Some of them are on the far right end of the spectrum, according to Pew Research.

The House Freedom Caucus is a group of conservative and Tea Party movement members who formed in January 2015 to push the Republican leadership to the right.

Many right-wing members have criticized the deal, calling it “insanity,” and a “turd sandwich.” But they have not threatened to remove McCarthy over the deal.

According to NBC News sources, Representative Buck brought up the idea of ousting McCarthy as the “elephant in the room” at the end of the Freedom Caucus call.

However, House Freedom Caucus Chairman Scott Perry reportedly said it might be too soon for such a drastic move.

Arizona Representative Paul Gosar reportedly proposed using ‘the motion vacate’ to pressure McCarthy to let members change the bills on the House floor, under an “open rule” that could delay the bill’s passage in the House.

Perry said they would talk about the issue later in Washington, according to NBC.

NBC reports that one of the lawmakers on the call said that “Some people feel this is a complete miss,” but that, “there are five or more who would be sympathetic to Buck’s position.”

Another lawmaker reportedly said bluntly that “The unity we had is gone.

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