The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Wednesday that the UAE has left a US-led naval alliance after reviewing its security requirements.

The ministry said in a statement carried by WAM, the state news agency, that the UAE ended its involvement in the Combined Maritime Forces two months ago, based on its assessment of effective security collaboration with all partners.

The ministry also affirmed the UAE’s dedication to dialogue and diplomacy to enhance regional security and stability and to protect navigation near its coasts in line with international law.

The move signifies a crucial shift in the region’s geopolitical scene, changing the balance of international cooperation in maritime security.

The task force of 34 nations based at the US naval base in Bahrain was established to combat terrorism and piracy in the Red Sea and Gulf regions.

The area hosts some of the world’s most vital shipping lanes, and since 2019, there have been several attacks on vessels amid tension between the US and Iran.

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