Authorities in northern Mexico stumbled upon 45 bags with human remains on Thursday (June 1), while looking for seven call centre workers who had disappeared a week earlier. The officials are still counting the bodies in the strange discovery.

Dismembered bodies in 45 bags were discovered at a forest viewpoint in Mirador del Bosque, a suburb of Guadalajara in western Mexico, DW reported.

The state prosecutors of Jalisco said they were not sure if the bags with dismembered bodies were related to the seven missing workers, but they would keep searching.

They said the bags were found in a deep and hard-to-reach ravine in a forest area, and they used a helicopter to recover them.

They said they got a tip about possible body parts in the area and found the first bag on Tuesday, followed by dozens more on Wednesday. They said the remains belonged to both men and women.

They said they were working with the police, civil protection and firefighters to extract the bags and forensic experts to identify the victims.

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