Surging living costs in Morocco sparked a protest by hundreds of people in Casablanca today, who demanded action from the government, according to AFP reporters.

The protesters, who came from different parts of the country, belonged to the Democratic Labour Confederation (CDT) and expressed their discontent with the price hikes and the erosion of their purchasing power, said protester Abdellah Lagbouri.

Some clashes between security forces and protesters were observed by AFP reporters, but the rally ended peacefully.

The protesters chanted: “It’s shameful, workers’ livelihoods are in danger.”

CDT official Tarik Alaoui El Housseini said they had initially planned to march in Casablanca, but they changed their plan to a rally after facing objections from local authorities.

Morocco has been experiencing months of inflation, especially for food, fuel and other essential items, partly due to drought that has affected the agricultural sector.

Official figures show that inflation slowed down in April to 7.8 per cent, after reaching 10.1 per cent in February and 8.2 per cent in March.

Another CDT official, Nadia Soubat, said they condemned “the government’s lack of action in implementing the social accord reached last year”.

The accord, signed in April 2022 between the Moroccan government and major labour unions, promised to increase minimum wages in both the public and private sectors.

Government spokesman Mustapha Baitas said recently that “the government fulfilled a large part of its commitments despite the difficult circumstances

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