A SoFi Stadium worker is facing allegations of assaulting a street vendor and her daughter after a concert on Saturday night.

According to witnesses, the worker, who is part of the “guest experience” team, was telling the vendors to move back from the sidewalk, but then he pushed over two food carts, causing them to spill their contents on the ground.

One of the carts belonged to Lesbia Tol, a Bakersfield resident who had left her three children in charge while she went to the restroom.

Her 12-year-old daughter, Marlyn Roquel, was holding onto the cart when the worker shoved it away, injuring her hand.

Tol said she usually hires a babysitter for her children, but she could not find one that night and had no other option but to bring them with her to work.

The family is demanding answers and justice from SoFi Stadium, which said in a statement that it is committed to maintaining a safe environment and that it regularly evaluates its staffing and protocols.

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