The news network announced on Wednesday that Licht, who had been leading CNN since 2019, has resigned from his position amid growing criticism and controversy over his handling of several high-profile scandals involving some of the network’s top talent.

Licht’s departure comes after months of turmoil at CNN, which has faced accusations of sexual harassment, ethical breaches, and political bias from former and current employees, as well as viewers and advertisers.

Licht had been under pressure to address the issues and restore CNN’s credibility and ratings, but his efforts were seen as insufficient and ineffective by many inside and outside the network.

CNN said that Licht will be replaced by Jeff Zucker, the former president of NBC Universal and the current chairman of WarnerMedia News and Sports, who will oversee CNN as part of his expanded role.

Zucker praised Licht for his contributions to CNN and said he was looking forward to working with the network’s staff to “reinvent” CNN for the future.

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