The 2024 presidential race has become more heated with the entry of former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who launched his campaign with a sharp attack on former President Donald Trump.

Christie, who once supported Trump in 2016, accused him of being a “self-consumed, self-serving mirror hog” who divided the nation and lied to the people. Trump responded by mocking Christie’s weight and suggesting that he has a “psychological problem with SIZE” .

Trump also posted an edited video of Christie’s announcement speech that showed him at a buffet table .

The feud between the two former allies reflects the deep rift within the Republican Party over Trump’s influence and legacy.

Christie is trying to position himself as a truth-teller who can challenge Trump head-on, while Trump is trying to discredit Christie as a failed governor and a boring speaker.

The clash is likely to intensify as the primary season approaches and more candidates join the fray.

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