A blind date turned into a nightmare for a man in China who was sued by his date after he left her and her 23 relatives at a restaurant.

The man, identified as Mr. Liu, had agreed to meet Ms. Zhang at a popular restaurant in Jilin province, but he was shocked when she showed up with 23 family members.

She claimed that she wanted to test his generosity and see if he would pay for the meal. The bill came to nearly 20,000 yuan (about $2,800), which was more than Liu could afford. He decided to walk out of the restaurant and leave Zhang and her relatives to pay for their own food and drinks.

Zhang was furious and demanded that Liu pay at least half of the bill. She later sued him in court, but the judge ruled in Liu’s favor and ordered him to pay only 1,400 yuan (about $200) for his and Zhang’s share of the meal.

The incident sparked a debate on social media about the etiquette of blind dates and the expectations of generosity.

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