Kylie Jenner, the youngest billionaire and reality TV star, has recently shared a video on her Instagram account that showcases her lavish $36 million mansion in California.

The video, which has gone viral with over 20 million views, gives a glimpse of the stunning property that features a pool, a tennis court, a home cinema, and a wine cellar. Jenner bought the mansion in April 2020 and has been living there with her daughter Stormi and her on-and-off boyfriend Travis Scott.

The mansion is located in the exclusive Holmby Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles and covers an area of 19,250 square feet. It has seven bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, and two guest apartments.

Jenner has decorated the mansion with her signature style of minimalist and modern furniture, artwork, and accessories. The video also reveals some of the personal touches that Jenner has added to the mansion, such as a framed photo of her grandmother, a neon sign that says “Plastic”, and a pink Skittles machine. Jenner captioned the video with “home tour” and a heart emoji.

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