The resignation of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson from his seat in parliament has sent shockwaves across the UK political landscape.

Johnson, who was facing an inquiry by a parliamentary committee over allegations that he lied about Covid parties in Downing Street, claimed he was the victim of a biased and unfair process.

He accused his political rivals, including some from his own Conservative Party, of orchestrating a campaign to oust him from parliament. His departure has triggered two by-elections, one in his former constituency of Uxbridge and South Ruislip, and another in Mid Bedfordshire, where his ally Nadine Dorries also quit as an MP.

The by-elections will be a major test for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who is struggling to maintain his party’s popularity amid rising inflation, energy crisis and Covid-19 challenges.

Johnson’s supporters have praised him for his achievements in delivering Brexit and standing up for Ukraine, while his critics have welcomed his exit as a chance to restore trust and integrity in politics.

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