If you are a fan of Drake, you might be interested in this unusual item that is up for grabs: a half-eaten pizza slice that allegedly belongs to the rapper.

According to the seller, who posted the listing on an online marketplace, the pizza was left behind by Drake after he performed at a concert in Toronto last year.

The seller claims that he was working as a backstage crew member and managed to snag the pizza before it was thrown away. He says that he has kept it frozen ever since and is now ready to part with it for a hefty price of $10,000.

The listing has attracted a lot of attention from netizens, who have expressed their disbelief and amusement at the bizarre offer.

Some have questioned the authenticity of the pizza, while others have wondered why anyone would want to buy such a thing.

Some have even joked that they would rather eat the pizza than pay for it. What do you think of this strange sale? Would you buy it?

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