President Joe Biden has launched a fierce campaign against Republican plans to cut Social Security and Medicare, two popular programs that provide income and health care to millions of Americans.

Biden has accused the GOP of putting the interests of the wealthy and corporations above those of seniors and working families, and vowed to protect and strengthen the benefits that people have earned.

Biden’s attack is based on several statements and proposals by Republican lawmakers, such as Sen. Rick Scott’s agenda to sunset all federal legislation in five years, which could affect Social Security and Medicare, and Sen. Ron Johnson’s characterization of Social Security as a “Ponzi scheme” that needs to be restructured.

Biden has also pointed out that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has pushed for spending cuts in exchange for raising the debt ceiling, a move that could endanger the solvency of the retirement programs.

Biden has said that he will not yield to any GOP attempt to slash Social Security and Medicare, and has urged Congress to pass his Build Back Better agenda, which would expand benefits for seniors, such as lowering prescription drug costs, adding dental, vision, and hearing coverage to Medicare, and increasing Social Security payments for low-income and elderly beneficiaries.

Biden has argued that his plan would be paid for by making the rich and corporations pay their fair share of taxes, without adding to the deficit or burdening the middle class.

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