Many observers expected a violent backlash from Trump’s loyalists when he was arrested on federal charges in Miami, but the streets remained calm.

What explains this contrast with the deadly Capitol riot of January 6, 2021? Some experts suggest that MAGA supporters were deterred by the harsh consequences faced by many of their fellow insurrectionists, as well as the realization that storming a courthouse would not stop the legal process.

Others argue that they were placated by the Republican leaders who vowed to undermine the Biden administration and the Justice Department from within, using their political power to wage a civil war by other means.

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Some analysts attribute this to the increased security measures and law enforcement presence, as well as the disillusionment and demoralization of some Trump followers.

Others point to the shift in strategy by some of the most radical elements of MAGA, who have turned to more covert and sophisticated forms of resistance, such as cyberattacks, misinformation campaigns and infiltration of institutions.

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