The former US president Donald Trump has seen a slight decline in his popularity among Republican voters, according to a new CNN/SSRS poll conducted after his indictment on multiple charges. The poll, which surveyed Republicans and Republican-leaning voters, showed that Trump still leads the field of potential 2024 candidates with 47% support, but that is down from 53% in May. His closest rival, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, has 26% support, unchanged from May.

The indictment, which was announced last week by a federal grand jury in New York, accuses Trump of wilfully mishandling classified documents, obstruction of justice and making false statements. He faces over 37 counts, including violations of the Espionage Act. Trump has denied any wrongdoing and called the indictment a “witch hunt” by his political enemies.

The poll also found that Trump’s favorability rating among GOP voters has dropped from 77% in May to 67% in June, while the share of those who say they would not support him for the nomination under any circumstances has risen from 16% to 23%. The decline in support was more pronounced among men, younger voters and lower-income voters.

DeSantis, on the other hand, has seen his favorability rating increase from 48% in May to 54% in June, while the share of those who say they would not back him under any circumstances has gone up slightly from 15% to 21%. DeSantis formally announced his presidential bid on May 24, positioning himself as a staunch ally of Trump and a defender of conservative values.

The CNN/SSRS poll is one of several recent surveys that have shown Trump losing some ground among Republican voters after his indictment and other legal troubles. However, he still remains the dominant force in the party and the clear front-runner for the nomination. Whether he can overcome his legal challenges and maintain his appeal to his loyal base remains to be seen.

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