A heated exchange between two Republican congresswomen has sparked controversy and speculation in Washington. According to a report by The Hill, Marjorie Taylor Greene called Lauren Boebert a “little b****” on the House floor after Boebert voted for a bill that Greene opposed.

The bill in question was the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which authorizes funding for the U.S. military and includes provisions to combat sexual assault in the armed forces, expand benefits for veterans, and require women to register for the draft. The bill passed the House with bipartisan support, 316-113, on Thursday.

Greene, who has been a vocal critic of the NDAA, accused Boebert of betraying her conservative principles and caving in to the “swamp”. She reportedly confronted Boebert in front of other lawmakers and staff, calling her names and questioning her loyalty to former President Donald Trump.

Boebert, who has also been a staunch supporter of Trump and a vocal opponent of President Joe Biden’s agenda, defended her vote and told Greene to mind her own business. She said she voted for the NDAA because it was important for national security and for her district, which includes several military bases.

The clash between Greene and Boebert highlights the growing rift within the Republican Party, as some lawmakers try to distance themselves from the extremist and conspiracy-driven wing represented by Greene and others. Greene has been one of the most controversial figures in Congress since she was elected in 2020. She has been stripped of her committee assignments for endorsing violence against Democrats, spreading false claims about election fraud and COVID-19, and promoting QAnon conspiracy theories.

Boebert has also faced criticism for her inflammatory rhetoric and actions, such as carrying a gun to the Capitol, refusing to wear a mask during the pandemic, and tweeting about lawmakers’ locations during the January 6 insurrection. However, she has also shown some willingness to work across party lines on some issues, such as infrastructure and veterans’ affairs.

The incident between Greene and Boebert has drawn reactions from both Democrats and Republicans. Some Democrats have condemned Greene’s behavior and called for her expulsion from Congress. Some Republicans have expressed dismay at the infighting and urged their colleagues to focus on opposing Biden’s policies instead of attacking each other.

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