Hundreds gather to show support for Thailand’s Pita ahead of vote for PM Thailand is gearing up for a crucial vote on Wednesday that will determine the next prime minister of the country.

The vote comes after months of protests and political turmoil that have shaken the nation and its people. One of the candidates vying for the top post is Pita Limjaroenrat, the leader of the Move Forward Party (MFP), which is part of the opposition coalition.

Pita, a 41-year-old former tech entrepreneur, has emerged as a popular figure among the young and urban voters who are dissatisfied with the status quo and demand more democracy and reform.

On Tuesday, hundreds of Pita’s supporters gathered in Bangkok’s Democracy Monument to show their backing for him and his party. They waved flags, banners and placards with slogans such as “Pita for PM”, “Change is possible” and “We want democracy”.

They also sang songs and chanted slogans that expressed their hope for a better future. Pita addressed the crowd and thanked them for their support. He said he was confident that he would win the vote and become the next prime minister. He also said he would work hard to fulfill his promises and to bring about positive changes for Thailand. “I am here today because of you, because of your courage and your determination to fight for what is right.

You are the reason why I decided to enter politics and to run for this position. You are my inspiration and my motivation,” he said. Pita also urged his supporters to remain peaceful and respectful during the vote and to accept the outcome, whatever it may be. He said he was ready to work with anyone who shared his vision and values for Thailand.

“We are not here to cause trouble or to create division. We are here to offer a new choice, a new direction, a new hope for our country. We are here to show that we can move forward together, as one nation, as one people,” he said. Pita’s supporters cheered and applauded him as he ended his speech.

They said they believed in him and his party and that they were optimistic about the future. “I think Pita is the best candidate for PM because he is young, smart, honest and progressive. He understands our problems and our needs.

He has a clear plan and a vision for Thailand,” said Nattaya, a 25-year-old student who attended the rally. “I hope he will win the vote and become our next leader. I think he can bring positive changes for our country and make it more democratic, more prosperous and more peaceful,” she added.

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