Protesters against plans to shut down nearly 1,000 railway ticket offices continue across Britain ahead of the deadline for the consultations process tomorrow.

The consultation has been slammed as a “sham” because it gave the public only three weeks to challenge the closures which will leave many stations with no staff.

Rail companies have already issued redundancy notices. Opponents protested at Halifax station in West Yorkshire where members of Calderdale and Kirklees Trades Union Councils joined members of rail union RMT.RMT said Halifax station’s ticket office sold 177,806 tickets last year while the station’s ticket machine sold 37,200.

The consultation faces a legal challenge by disabled people who say it discriminates against them. Kate Egerton, senior associate at law firm Leigh Day representing the challengers, said: “The rail industry’s consultation on the plans to close railway ticket offices across the country, which is overseen by the Department for Transport, is, in our view, clearly unlawful and not fit for purpose.” – Morning Star

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