The latest attack on Kyiv occurred on Tuesday morning, July 25, 2023. According to Ukrainian officials, Russia launched several waves of Shahed drones at the city, but all were destroyed by Ukraine’s air defense systems.

The air alert lasted for three hours, and no victims or destruction were reported in the capital. However, the residents of Kyiv were terrified by the sound of sirens and explosions, and had to seek shelter until the danger was over.

Russia has launched its sixth air attack on Ukraine’s capital this month, but all incoming drones were shot down and early reports indicated no damage or casualties, according to officials.

The reported attack on Kyiv on Tuesday morning came a day after Russia warned of “tough retaliatory measures” following a drone attack on its capital, Moscow, some 500km (300 miles) from Ukraine.

The drone attacks on Kyiv have raised international alarm and condemnation. The United States and its allies have expressed their solidarity with Ukraine, and called on Russia to stop its aggression and respect Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

They have also imposed sanctions on Russia and Iran for their role in supplying and supporting the drone attacks. The United Nations Security Council has held several emergency meetings to discuss the situation, but has failed to adopt a resolution due to Russia’s veto power.

The drone attacks on Kyiv are not only a threat to Ukraine’s security and stability, but also a challenge to the international order and norms. They represent a new form of warfare that is difficult to counter and regulate, and that could potentially escalate into a wider conflict.

They also demonstrate Russia’s willingness to use any means necessary to achieve its goals, regardless of the human cost and the diplomatic consequences. The world must not stand idly by as Kyiv suffers under the drone strikes. The world must act to stop Russia’s aggression and protect Ukraine’s sovereignty.

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